eVoyage of Discovery teachers and tutors are available for tutoring

We have local tutoring sites in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Metro Area and online tutoring within the U.S.  We are growing organically, and up until recently, entirely through word-of-mouth.  Most of our students have been past classroom students, their siblings and cousins, even their parents. 

Once you contact us, we would begin with a conversation, listening to your concerns and goals.  Next, we would set up a simple testing session, providing you with basic reading, math and/or writing scores matched to grade levels of academic performance. 

Next, we would come together on a plan for growth in academic achievement and arrange for an initial meeting with a perspective tutor.  After the first meeting, if all parties agree to proceed, we would beginning online tutoring sessions.  To make significant gains we suggest the following.

• Beginning 12 sessions of instruction

• One subject – Reading with Writing or Mathematics – 2 one-hour sessions per week.

• Two subjects – Reading with Writing and Mathematics – 2 90-minute sessions per week.

• For most students 90 minutes is the maximum for staying energized and engaged in learning.

Your tutor will be guided by the specific lesson plans that are developed with parent input and will be updated as progress is recorded.  The tutor and eVoyage administration stay in contact and share a free flow of information.  It is a team effort!

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us via this website and we will get back to you by email.  We do not share your contact information with anyone. All inquires are confidential and there are no 3rd parties involved in this business.