Robert Marzano’s Five Dimensions of Learning (1992) is a way of setting up your plan for learning so that you are consciously covering the different dimensions of learning.  These dimensions include:

Dimension 1: Attitudes and Perceptions

Dimension 2: Acquire and Integrate Knowledge

Dimension 3: Extend and Refine Knowledge

Dimension 4: Use Knowledge Meaningfully

Dimension 5: Productive Habits of Mind

An easy way to manage this is to take your weekly plan book and identify when in the week you are addressing each of the dimensions.  

Backwards Design: Start to plan by identifying the endpoint

Part of Marzano’s approach to education includes backwards design of lessons, starting with the end goal in mind and then planning back from there.  This was a revolutionary idea a few years ago, but at this point in time it is my perception that the logic of knowing where you are going has caught on.  It is like putting together a roadmap for a journey. 

As a teacher, you are working with ideas. You need to develop the habit of learning, the habit of living an inspired life.  If you are going to teach in an urban setting, you need to have enough intellectual muscle to bring out the best in your students and yourself.  Marzano, Costa, Covey, and Gardner are very important resources that are needed in urban classrooms.