How to Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Read:

What Every Parent Needs to Know!

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Coming June 2022

How To Make Sure Your Kids Know How To Do the Math:

What Every Parent Needs to Know

Coming Summer 2022

Book Art Projects for the Family

Multisensory Book Arts Projects the Whole Family can Enjoy

For Parents

How to make sure your kids know how to read book cover

This book is written for parents, so that they can be confident as they guide their kids through school. Flavell provides links to affordable resources, charts showing the progression of reading and writing skills through the grades, and a deeper understanding of how kids learn to read.

Learning to read (and do math) are fundamental skills that open up the world to the best of who we can be. When the learning process brings students to a place of confidence, they can become enlightened, have a wider circle of friendship and the abiding joy that comes from the fulfillment of higher goals in life.

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Coming June 2022

How to make sure your kids know how to do math cover

We have all been challenged by the last few years and many parents need to figure out where their kids are in their education, especially in math. There were already many gaps in learning and now it is more important than ever to get your kids on track for success. You should not leave this in the hands of educators. It is your family responsibility, but also a pure joy to be involved in the growth of your children. When you know your kids are getting along well at school, the whole family feels strong and ready for the challenges ahead.

Planned to be released in June 2022, Merryn Flavell explains to parents what they need to know in order to bring their child up to grade level and beyond in Math. This does not need to be overwhelming. Happily, math is logical and learning math can be a lot of fun! For real!

Coming Summer 2022

People will often ask, what is your favorite subject? I had one answer - Art Class. I was extremely fortunate to grow up in the Chicago Area and take wonderful art lessons at the Art Institute of Chicago Junior School for six years, during my middle school and high school years. I went on to earn a BS in Fine Arts from Grand Valley University, Allendale, Michigan.

Now, I am again so fortunate to live in Minnesota, where we have the lovely Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. When you make a book of the subject you are learning, you create a multisensory experience, awakening the creative juices in your mind, and producing a book that is beautiful to share with your audience.

Each month I will be releasing a new Book Arts Project from this website. The projects are designed to make it easy for beginners and young children, and can be expanded for the talents of teens and adults. Subject areas of the projects will include:

Math is Beautiful Series K-12

The Art in Language Arts Series K-12

Planet Earth: Our Beautiful Home Series K-12

A Day in History that Changed our Lives Series K-12

And More!

About the author

Merryn Flavell, M.Ed, Ed.S.

Teacher, Author, Illustrator

Photo of the author, Merryn Flavell

Merryn Flavell is an educator, licensed by the State of Minnesota to work with K-6 students and Middle School students in Language Arts and Mathematics. She is currently working as a Tier II Interventionist and frequently provides Teacher In-Services in Math and Reading for teachers serving multicultural students.

Mrs. Flavell earned a B.S. Degree in Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI; K-6 Certification from Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN; Master’s in Educational Leadership from St. Mary’s University Twin Cities Campus; Middle School Licensure in Language Arts and Mathematics and Ed.S. Certification from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.

She owes a special debt of gratitude to two people. The first is Bonnie Vandervegt, retired owner of A Plus Tutoring, from whom she learned many valuable lessons on how to teach reading and math. And the second person is Rick Fletcher, the 5th grade teacher who taught my kid the phonograms of English and a lot more.

Flavell is author of a Liberal Arts Degree on the Great Books of the Western and Eastern Canons, approved by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (2005). She collaborated with Jeanine Gregoire through Augsburg University, writing units on Space Science Across the Curriculum for NASA, which was shared with educators through the Science Museum of Minnesota. She also worked as a Math Trainer for Minneapolis Public Schools.

Flavell's area of special focus is working with urban students to achieve significant gains in reading and math. She is certified by the Minnesota Department of Education in the Science of Reading, and she earned TEFL-TESOL Certification while tutoring English online for students in China. She taught English at Hawiko Academy in Dodola, Ethiopia (2010). Ms. Merryn earned the Volunteer of the Year Award for her summer program for Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, Leonardo’s Kids: We’re 500 Years Before Our Time (2001-2003).

Flavell is set to fulfill a career dream of writing, illustrating, and publishing a K-8 Arts Integrated Curriculum, based on data of the gains made by her students, gathered for over 15 years, showing that the methods she learned and implemented succeed in reaching urban students. “Our kids are a lot smarter than they are being given credit for.”

Merryn Flavell resides in Northfield, MN with her husband. They visit their son’s family, who live in Brooklyn, NY, as often as they can. Merryn’s hobbies include the Book Arts, swimming, crocheting, but most of all, walking her English Springer Spaniel, Joy, at the local dog parks.